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Transcending Borders

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Image of artwork of a temple painting

Transcending Borders gives visual form to the developing cross-cultural relationships between South Korea and Western Australia.

The Berndt Museum’s collection of significant historical objects from Korea will be a catalyst for cultural exchanges and collaborations with contemporary artists from South Korea and Western Australia.

These artists delve into their own physical and metaphysical terrain to open up real and imagined borders for our contemplation and reflection.

Featured work: Featured artwork: Temple Painting, Seoul, South Korea, pigment on silk, mid 19th to 20th century, 126 x 93 cm, P Bridge Collection, Berndt Museum, UWA [WU5218].

Exhibition period

3 May - 12 July 2014

Exhibition partner

The Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, based at the University of Western Australia invites various schools and faculties to partner with on exhibitions and develop innovative academic and public programs. The Campus Partner for this exhibition is Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts.

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