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Since the foundation in 1990, the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery has presented an innovated program of exhibitions, featuring artwork from the University extensive Art Collection, loaned works as well as new contemporary commissioned works.

The Gallery aims to continually expand its digital archive of past exhibitions.

Image of artowkr by Stan Hopewell titled Christ

Stan Hopewell: God is Love

12 October - 14 December 2013

Stan Hopewell began to make paintings during his wife Joyce's illness. The hundreds of paintings he created record important events in his life, in the life of his wife, and most importantly, in works that give visual form to the ineffable presences of God. That intimate spiritual relationship guided Hopewell through a life that has not been without hardship and challenge. His faith sustained him through the three years of his wife's serious medical condition but, when she died, Hopewell stopped painting. Ted Snell's monograph on the artist Stan Hopewell: facing the stars will be published by UWA Publishing in tandem with the exhibition.

Exhibition opens on Friday 11 October 2013, 6pm at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery. 

Featured artwork: Stan Hopewell, Christ 2003, oil and collage on board, 60 x 90 cm, © Courtesy of the artist.

Visit the Stan Hopewell: God is Love exhibition website for more information.

Image of artwork titled lighiero e Boetti from Wikipedia, United Nations by Helen Smith

Bliss: [Painting/Photography/Objects] + [Video Art]

12 October - 14 December 2013

This exhibition considers how contemporary artists create an ideal reality- in the form of constructed worlds that transcend our daily experience, or by considering the beauty found in familiar places or things. Focus is on the object in space and installation work which communicates a sense of order, balance and wonder.

Featured artwork: Helen Smith, Alighiero e Boetti from Wikipedia, United Nations, 2013, oil on canvas, 150 x 216 cm

Visit the Bliss exhibition website for more information.

Image of artwork by Joyce Winsley titled Granny Bass

People who you can't meet face to face: The Australian doll

12 October - 14 December 2013
Cruthers Collection of Women's Art

People who you can't meet face to face features work from Indigenous artists from around Australia, juxtaposing tactile object and photographic image to examine the motif of the doll in a variety of contexts.

In an eclectic group of works from Elsie Labumore Roughsey - whose autobiography lends the exhibition its title -  Joyce Winsley, the Narrogin Doll Makers, Tracey Moffatt and Destiny Deacon, the doll is variously an anonymous prop, a poignant effigy, a means of building community or a vehicle for cultural critique.

Featured artwork: Joyce Winsley, Granny Bass, 1999, guildford grass stitched and moulded, 30cm high, Copyright courtesy of the artist.

Visit the exhibition website for more information.

Photo of girls from Venda practising a dance

Music Dance Landscape Image

1 November - 14 December 2013
John Blacking in Southern and Eastern Africa 1955-66

Experience the sights and sounds of Africa through the lens of world-renowned ethnomusicologist John Blacking. Music Dance Landscape Image uses the John Blacking Collection, housed at The University of Western Australia’s Callaway Centre, to provide snapshots of performances that Blacking encountered during his travels in southern and eastern Africa.

Travelling to South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, and Uganda, he took camera, sound recorder, and notebook, to capture his impressions of music and dance in pictures, films, audio recordings, and diaries. The exhibition provides opportunities to see and hear rare musical instruments, and to watch lively dances on video.

Image: Venda girls practice tshigombela, South Africa, mid-1950s

Exhibition catalogue

The Music Dance Landscape Image exhibition catalogue is available for download in PDF format. Please contact the gallery should you require this catalogue in an alternative format.

Image of bark painting artwork by Gwadbad

Little Paintings, Big Stories: Gossip Songs of Western Arnhem Land

29 June - 14 December 2013
From the Berndt Museum Collection

This exhibition explores the inter-relationship between the people, country and stories of Goulburn Island, Northern Territory, as they were in the past and as they are now. Bark paintings, photographs and sound recordings from the collection convey the richness of djurrbilk or gossip songs.

The subject matter of these songs is diverse and thoroughly intriguing. Djurrbilk stories use human characters in the guise of animals. The stories are sometimes based on actual events that have happened in the community, but the use of animals obscures the original characters and their actions, protecting their identity and saving embarrassment. The Djurrbilk stories are amusing, and the songs through which these stories are told, are amazing. Aboriginal music will never be quite the same.

Featured artwork: Bark painting by Gwadbad No. 2 i.e. 'John', Maung language. RM Berndt Collection, 3rd October 1947, [WU1236]

Visit the Little Paintings, Big Stories exhibition website.

Image of artwork by Lisa Wolfgramm titled Painting # 271

Abstracting the Collection

27 July - 28 September 2013
From the Cruthers Collection of Women's Art

Abstracting the Collection explores a variety of approaches to abstraction in contemporary painting, from the optical to the conceptual. Linked by an emphasis on the grid or repeated pattern and a lyrical, textural approach to colour and form, works take inspiration from a variety of sources including nature, textile design and from data collected from books and texts.

Featuring works from the Cruthers Collection of Women's Art - including artists Cathy Blanchflower, Elizabeth Coats, Debra Dawes, Eveline Kotai and Lisa Wolfgramm; new work from artist Siné MacPherson and key paintings by renowned Western Australian artists Michele Theunissen and Helen Smith.

Featured artwork: Lisa Wolfgramm, Painting #271, 2009, acrylic on canvas, 150 x180cm, © Courtesy of the artist.

Visit the Abstracting the Collection exhibition website.

Image of artwork by Lisa Uhl titled Fitzroy Trees


27 July - 28 September 2013

HERE&NOW13 presents Western Australian contemporary art created by people with disability. The project is a partnership between DAADA, the Department of Culture and the Arts, the Disability Services Commission, Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth Institute of Contepmorary Arts, the Central Institute of Technology, the Museum of Modern Art, the League Artists Natural Design Studio and Gallery in New York, and the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.

Featured artwork: Lisa Uhl, Fitzroy Trees, 2012, acrylic on canvas, 45 x 60 cm. © Courtesy of the artist.

Visit the HERE&NOW13 exhibition website.

Ian Fairweather's Landscape with mountains painted in 1936


4 May - 13 July 2013

The exhibition considers the work of Ian Fairweather and his relationship with Asia, investigating the artist's unique positioning in Australian art history and his commitment to cross-cultural engagement. Using Fairweather as a springboard Aaron Seeto will explore the current re-positioning being undertaken by contemporary Australian/Asian artists as they reflect upon and engage with the rich cultural environment to our north.

Artwork featured: Ian Fairweather, (Landscape, Soochow), 1945-47, gouache on paper, 21 x 19.5 cm © Ian Fairweather/DACS. Licensed by Viscopy, 2013. 

Visit the ORIENTing exhibition website.

Image of work by Audrey Greenhalgh's titled Storm at evening

Towards Perth: Western Australian Women Artists Before 1950

4 May - 13 July 2013
Drawn from the Cruthers Collection of Women's Art and The University of Western Australia Art Collection.

Towards Perth includes works by Jean Appleton, Portia Bennett, Elizabeth Blair Barber, Elise Blumann, Audrey Greenhalgh, Edith Trethowan and Rose Walker - who were all active members of Perth artist societies and produced landscapes, seascapes and depictions of Perth that were informed by their exposure to modernist ideas.

Artwork featured: Audrey Greenhalgh, Storm at Evening, 1947, oil on canvas on board, 44.5 x 57.5cm. Copyright courtesy of the artist's estate.

Visit the exhibition website.

Photograph of feathered head dress worn by Highlands man

Through the Kunai Grass: Portraits of the New Guinea Highlands 1951-53

8 February 2013 - 1 June 2013
From the Berndt Museum Collection

This exhibition showcases the work of Ronald and Catherine Berndt while they travelled to Papua New Guinea in 1951. See previously unknown photographs recorded by Ronald and Catherine during this time.

Featured image: Portrait of a young man holding bow and arrows, near Kainantu, Eastern Central Highlands PNG. Photographer by Ronald Berndt in 1952-53. RM and CH Berndt Collection., 1952-53. [WU/P35207]

Visit the exhibition website.

Image of artwork titled Colour Composition number 3, by Brendan Van Hek

LUMINOUSFLUX: light works

8 February 2013 - 20 April 2013
As part of the Perth International Art Festival Visual Art Program

LUMINOUSFLUX examines the variety of ways in which local and international artists harness the magical palette of light. Many employ neon as a major mode of expression, whilst others utilise light-boxes, reflective surfaces, or incorporate light into installation works to create emotionally powerful and formally innovative works.

Featured artwork: Brendan Van Hek, Colour Composition #3, 2013, found neon, metal hooks, dimensions variable (work in progress). © Courtesy of the artist.

Visit the exhibition website.



8 February 2013 - 20 April 2013
From the Cruthers Collection of Women's Art

DARK PORTALS is a mysterious exhibition where the strategy of traditional embroidery techniques relay the multi-layered reinterpretations in the work of a contemporary artist.

Featured artwork: Sera Waters, Cave series, 2011 -12, linen, glow-in-the-dark cotton, string, handmade beads, card, leather, felt, stuffing (set of 4), variable dimensions. © Courtesy of the artist.

Visit the exhibition website.


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