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Image of artwork titled Box Brownie Panorama by artist Alice Blanch

In 1792, the Scottish entrepreneur Robert Barker merged the Greek word pan (all) with hórãma (view) when he was searching for a word to describe his 360 by 180 degree painting of the city of Edinburgh.

Like all successful inventions, the panorama was of its time and reflected the growing interest in communing with the natural world and travelling to exotic places.

Featured work: Alice Blanch, Box Brownie Colour Panorama #13 (detail), 2012, fine art giclee print, 80 x 280cm. © courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition period

3 May - 12 July 2014

Exhibition details

The upcoming exhibition p a n o r a m a examines the impact of the panoramic format from the early years of the 19th century to current work by contemporary artists and scientists.

Find out more about the artwork exhibited, or download the exhibition catalogue which includes a foreword by curator Ted Snell.

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The Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, based at the University of Western Australia invites various schools and faculties to partner with on exhibitions and develop innovative academic and public programs. The Campus Partner for this exhibition is iVEC@UWA and UWA Publishing.

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