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Memento Mori

Image still of artwork titled Allegoria Sacra 

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Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm.

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In the midst of life we are in death.

Curated by Ted Snell, Memento Mori prompts us to ponder on the emptiness and transience of earthly pleasures and reassess our moral progress as we move toward the certainty of death.

Featured artwork: AES+F, Allegoria Sacra, 2010-11, 39.39 minute, 3 channel moving image with sound. Acquired through the Contemporary Collectors Director’s Project, Art Gallery of South Australia

Exhibition period

18 October - 13 December 2014

Exhibition details

The extraordinary video work Allegoria Sacra by the Russian collective AES+F is an evocation of Purgatory as an international airport and together with selected works from the University of Western Australia Art Collection and the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art, it encourages viewers to contemplate their own mortality. 

Artists include: AES+F, Andrew Nicholls, Charles Blackman, David C Collins, Kate McMillan, Margaret Preston, Nathan Beard, Ocea Sellar, Pam Debenham, Paul Uhlmann, Richard Lewer, Richard Lewer with Tony Garifalakis, Robyn Stacey, Sam Leach, Susan Norrie.

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