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Self Portrait as Shared Dream

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Image of artwork titled Drink Me by Jenny Weston

Curated by Gemma Weston, Self Portrait as Shared Dream is a play on the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art’s strong thematic focus on self-portraiture.

Instead of attempting to express the ‘individuality’ of the subject, the exhibition presents a collection of works in which the individual is a collective construction, a figure forged from common histories, pop culture references and institutional memories.

Featured artwork: Jenny Watson, Drink Me, 1988, oil and collage on linen, 137 x 106 cm, CCWA 594 Copyright courtesy the artist.

Exhibition period

18 October - 13 December 2014

Exhibition details

Linked by a dreamy, abstract wall-drawing by local artist Anna Dunnill, figurative paintings, prints and drawings explore disturbing, beautiful and surreal interactions between external and internal worlds.

As the urge to define our individual selves reaches fever-pitch online, Self-Portrait as Shared Dream speculates on the nature of empathy and the collective experience.

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