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Glitter: Pat Larter vs Lola Ryan

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Image of Pat Larter's work

Drawn from the Cruthers Collection of Women's Art and curated by Gemma Weston, Glitter presents the vibrant and engaging work of two distinct yet connected artists.

Pat Larter and Lola Ryan’s works speak with unique voices on kitsch, decoration, the questionable distinctions between art and craft and on who we celebrate and remember, and why.

Featured work: Pat Larter, Rip it up, 1994, acrylic glitter and jewels on board, 91 x 105cm, CCWA 623 © Courtesy the artist’s estate.

Exhibition period

26 July - 27 September 2014

Exhibition details

Pat Larter is better known as a muse for her husband, Australian pop artist Richard Larter, than for her own paintings and collages.

Lola Ryan’s shellwork harbour bridges, boxes and wall hangings, which continue an indigenous tradition particular to La Perouse near Sydney, were for many years considered part of a souvenir trade rather than an art history.

Glitter presents these two under-recognised Australian practices in conversation. Sharing an unconventional approach to materials and a neon colour palette, Larter and Ryan’s works speak with unique voices and energy about kitsch, decoration, and the questionable distinctions between art and craft.

Banner image:  Lola Ryan, Shell-work bridge, 2002, 15 x 37 x 7 cm, CCWA 716x, © Courtesy the artist’s estate

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