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Saltwater Mapping

Birds eye view image of a fishing boat in the ocean

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Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm.


Reconsider notions of ownership, place and histories through mapping and practices.

Presented by the Berndt Museum.

The human ability to tell stories and picture the world through mark making provides us with a historical references to place and location today. Saltwater Mapping along Australia’s West Coast is a continuing practice that began long before Europeans arrived, to proclaim ownership, unsettling our lands and shaping our current colonial backdrop.

Saltwater Mapping aims to respond to the 400th anniversary of Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog’s landing in Western Australia with an exploration into the way in which humanity has mapped the WA coastline over the past four centuries.

The exhibition invites audiences to reconsider notions of ownership, place and histories through mapping and practices. 

Image: Indonesian fishing boat off One Arm Point. April 1974. Courtesy of Kim Akerman. #571

Exhibition duration

8 October - 10 December 2016


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