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Image of woven artwork

Exhibition duration

18 February - 9 April 2016

Gallery opening Hours

Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm.


Through the intertwining of fibre, feather, paper, string, seed and other materials, Interwoven brings to life a series of items created by culturally distinctive makers from Aboriginal Australia, Papua New Guinea and throughout Asia.

Every work presented in this exhibition was chosen by a member of the Berndt Museum team. In this book they will explain why, out of the tens of thousands of items in the museum’s collection, their selection spoke loudest. They write of how a cloth can take you back to your childhood, what grass and paper say about the enduring strength of a people, and how a mask made for a yam can leave you with questions you’ll never quite answer.

Most of all these essays, and the exhibition they were made for, speak of how an object can connect you with its maker; how you can feel an intimate connection with someone despite the separation of time, distance and a very different culture.

Featured image: Anchor Gulunbu / Kalunba, Kuninjku, Arnhem region, Mandjabu, 1979, woven jungle vine (milil). Berndt Museum [Acc. No. 04378]



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