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LUMINOUSFLUX: lightworks

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Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery is proud to present LUMINOUSFLUX as part of the Visual Arts program at the Perth International Arts Festival.

About the exhibition

LUMINOUSFLUX examines the variety of ways in which local and international artists harness the magical palette of light. Many employ neon as a major mode of expression, whilst others utilise lightboxes, reflective surfaces, or incorporate light into installation works to create emotionally powerful and formally innovative works.

Numerous pieces have been specially commissioned for the exhibition, augmented by loans from the Kerry Stokes Collection, Perth.

LUMINOUSFLUX explores light as a central motif of twentieth-century art and its continued importance to contemporary practice. 

Exhibition Period

8 February 2013 - 20 April 2013


The LUMINOUSFLUX catalogue is available at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery as well as a PDF download. The catalogue features artwork and an essay by curators Ted Snell and Sally Quin.

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