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Sera Waters, Cave Series. 2011-12

The Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art presents its inaugural exhibition for 2013 highlighting the work of an emerging artist with Adelaide-based artist and writer Sera Waters.

About the exhibition

Her work is characterised by the use of traditional needle-work and embroidery (so-called 'feminine arts') to depict contemporary themes. Waters’ intricate works imbue domestic objects and settings with an ambiguous atmosphere of danger and threat.

Describing Waters’ dark interpretations art writer Wendy Walker explains: "It is a stripping away of artifice that segues with Sera Waters' ongoing exploration of the darker, more unsettling forces within our culture. In a highly considered meshing of narratives, contemporary/historical, autobiographical/fictional, literary/cinematic and so on – couched within the benign framework of traditional needlework techniques – she 'pierces fabrics with recollections of drama, disaster, misdemeanours and petty crime." (The 2010 work Meat & Three Veg: Underbelly Style (Underbelly: a tale of two cities, episode 2: Bad Habits)was based on a specific episode of the Australian television series.)

DARK PORTALS is a mysterious exhibition where the strategy of traditional embroidery techniques bely the multi-layered reinterpretations in the work of a contemporary artist.

Exhibition Period

8 February 2013 - 20 April 2013


The DARK PORTALS: Sera Waters catalogue is available at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery as well as a PDF download. The catalogue features artwork, list of works and an essay by Wendy Walker.

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