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The Armistice Project at the University Club of Western Australia

Black and white image of four men in military uniform standing against a wooden house

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An exhibition of University Senate, Convocation, staff and students involved in the Great War.

Through photos and stories straight from the pens of our University men and women come narratives of grief and grit even beyond the battlefields. Recognise these individuals not merely for their wartime service, but for the lives they touched around them. They were friends to some, enemies to others; they were healers, trainers, researchers and soldiers; they were family and they were strangers.

They were the humans of war such that the world had never seen.

Curated by Holly Langford-Smith. Co-presented by the UWA Cultural Precinct, the UWA Historical Society and the University Club of Western Australia.

Image: The Harper brothers (Gresley on the far left; Wilf on the far right) with the Lukin brothers – fellow Guildfordians – in 1914. Courtesy of Guildford Grammar School.

Exhibition runs

10 November 2018 - 25 April 2019

On show at the University Club of Western Australia

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