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Elise Blumann: An emigre artist in Western Australia, 1938 - 1948

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Photo of artwork titled On the swan Nedlands

This exhibition concentrates on ten years of Blumann’s art practice, from the series of bold portraits produced in the late 1930s to the increasingly abstract renderings of the landscape in the late 1940s.

Featured artwork: Elise Blumann, On the Swan, Nedlands (detail), 1942, oil on composition board, 56.6 x 66.4 cm, The University of Western Australia Art Collection, Acquired with the assistance of the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council and the Dr Albert Gild Fund, 1976, © The University of Western Australia

Exhibition period

11 July – 19 September 2015

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German artist Elise Blumann arrived in Perth in the summer of 1938. She was immediately struck by the local landscape and the piercing brightness of the Australian light. Her painting in the subsequent decade focused on the analysis of various plant forms surrounding her home in Nedlands and in the hills outside Perth.

Blumann was attracted to a number of artistic styles – from the Post-Impressionist paintings of van Gogh to the contemporary practices of Kandinsky and Chagall. In Australia, she brilliantly applied aspects of early modernist art to the Western Australian landscape.

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