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Transient States

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Exhibition dates:
10 May - 12 July 2009

Curator: Sally Quin


  • Kevin Ballantine
  • Rebecca Dagnall
  • Eva Fernandez
  • Karin Gottschalk
  • Michael Gray
  • Mark McPherson
  • Graham Miller
  • Tony Nathan
  • Max Pam
  • Juha Tolonen
  • Toni Wilkinson

Transient States presents a range of creative responses to the urban landscape of Perth, a city whose physical fabric appears to be in a state of continual and often radical transition. This exhibition considers how this phenomenon manifests itself in the work of eleven photographers whose work reflects a sustained meditation on place, memory, and collective and individual identity.

Karin Gottschalf, Untitled (from the series A Poverty of Desire produced between 1984-2001), Inkjet print from colour transparency

Exhibiting photographers document the shifting landscape in a variety of ways: recording disused or decaying spaces or the suspended moment prior to an object’s collapse; presenting the architecture of the city or domestic environment as the framework within which the human condition can be analysed; and focusing on physical environments which question current taste and notions of comfort and authenticity.

Mike Gray, Eden Caprice, 2009, Inkjet print 

The urban landscape is frequently depicted as a somewhat malevolent backdrop to human activity but, equally, environments of unexpected beauty and refuge are also pictured. Approaches range from a formalist arrangement of architectural elements to a fantastical approach to the possibilities of the spaces in which we live. A number of series of works from the 1980s are included and act as a counterpoint to contemporary explorations of the city, underlining themes of transience and memory.

Kevin Ballantine, Untitled, 1989, Inkjet print


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