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One thing after another: sets and series in Australian art

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  • Hans Arkeveld (1942-)
  • John Brack (1920-1999)
  • Noel Counihan (1913-1986)
  • Guy Grey-Smith (1916-1981)
  • Robert Juniper (1929-)
  • Eveline Kotai (1950-)
  • Alun Leach-Jones (1937-)
  • Jánis Nedéla (1955-)
  • Sidney Nolan (1917-1992)
  • Philippa O’Brien (1939-)
  • Max Pam (1949-)
  • Martin Sharp (1942-)
  • Miriam Stannage (1939-)
  • Howard Taylor (1918-2001)
  • Fred Williams (1927-1982)

One thing after another uses works from the University of Western Australia Art Collection to track artists’ obsessions and explorations, their focus on a body of interconnected ideas or concepts, and their immersion, over time, in complex and developing series.

Guy Grey-Smith, Scrub hills, 1976, fibre tipped pen, 38.5 x 69.5 cm, University of Western Australia Art Collection


  • suites of prints, drawings and photographs (by Robert Juniper, Eveline Kotai, Alun Leach-Jones, Jánis Nedéla and Miriam Stannage),
  • closely related series (drawings, prints and paintings by John Brack, Noel Counihan, Guy Grey-Smith, Sidney Nolan, Max Pam, Martin Sharp and Fred Williams) and
  • groups of studies (including drawings and paintings by Hans Arkeveld, Philippa O’Brien and Howard Taylor),

the exhibition allows artists and their works to be seen in depth.

Covering five decades of Australian art the exhibition is at once an overview of the work of great Australian artists and a precise look at facets of their particular working methods.

Noel Counihan, Peace means life, 1959, linocut, University of Western Australia Art Collection


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