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John Peart Paintings 1964-2004

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Exhibition dates:
13 November - 13 December 2005

A Campbelltown Arts Centre Travelling Exhibition

John Peart Paintings 1964-2004 is a timely exhibition that demonstrates the artist's position as a major figure in Australian painting. Charting his artistic development over four decades, this exhibition is the first comprehensive survey of Peart's work.

John Peart Mantrascape (1994) 121 x 245 cm. oil and synthetic polymer paint on canvas. Collection of the artist

John Peart has had a long and distinguished career, coming to national prominence through The Field exhibition of 1968 at the National Gallery of Victoria, the landmark exhibition of Australian abstract art. From that time on, Peart has been committed to abstraction and artistic experimentation. His work is represented in national, state and regional institutions, along with corporate and private collections. Peart's reputation has been reinforced by the numerous art awards and grants received over the years.

The exhibition features works from every stage of Peart's career, from the early colourfield paintings of the 1960s to his most recent art. Peart's recent paintings reflect his continuing passion for experimentation. His commitment to pushing beyond what is predictable and easily accessible continues to enliven his work, ensuring that he is one of this country's most exciting painters.

John Peart Nandi Moon (1997) oil and synthetic polymer paint on canvas . 170 x 592.5 cm, Collection of Jennifer and George Lianos

The experimental nature of Peart's work is an aspect touched on in many of the writings included in the full-colour catalogue which accompanies the exhibition. This is the first major publication about the artist and features written contributions by Peart's contemporaries and those who have had a longstanding association with him throughout his career.

John Peart Paintings 1964-2004 is an exhibition which attests to John Peart's ongoing achievements, securing his place at the forefront of contemporary Australian painting.

John Peart Facade (2003) oil and synthetic polymer paint on canvas. 230 x 178 cm Collection of Geoffrey Hassall

The Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery is pleased to be presenting the exhibition in Western Australia. John Peart is represented in the University of Western Australia Art Collection and the Gallery welcomes this opportunity to present his work in depth to our audiences.

John Peart has been a resident of Campbelltown in NSW for many years, and the Campbelltown Arts Centre has curated and is touring this exhibition, allowing a national audience to be introduced to, or revisit some of his most significant paintings.


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