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HERE&NOW catalogue [PDF, 3.6 MB]
Updated 3 Sep 2012



  • Katie Lenanton: 0400 304 448


  • Patrick Miller
  • Clare Peake
  • Dan Bourke
  • Katie Lenanton
  • Jamie Macchiusi
  • Jacob Ogden Smith
  • Tom Freeman
  • Ben Kovacsy
  • Gemma Weston
  • Andrew Varano
  • David Egan

HERE&NOW12 is the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery’s inaugural annual exhibition of early-career, contemporary Western Australian artists that opens on 10 August.

It surveys the activities of artist-run initiatives (ARIs) and places craft-based practices and DIY endeavours within the scope of the Gallery, presenting an experimental and interconnected system of art-making unique to this time and this place – Western Australia 2012.

The Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, as the centre of the 'galaxy', will exhibit works by four artists, while three local galleries will host satellite events that complement and expand on the artworks.

The exhibition framework relates to Western Australia's position within international contemporary art. Curator Katie Lenanton, envisages WA as a “galactic microcosm – a system held together by mutual gravitation, isolated from similar systems by vast regions of space.”

Exhibition date

Friday 10 August – Saturday 6 October 2012

Artists at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery

Participating artists engage with DIY and exploratory artistic strategies. For this exhibition, their practices are sited within the context of contemporary craft.

Artist run initiatives

Activities and workshops will be run at three galleries:


The exhibition concludes with a launch at Galleria on Sunday 6 October of a limited edition HERE&NOW12 publication.

HERE&NOW12 aims to present a comprehensive picture of what it means to be a young arts practitioner today. It provides an overview of gallery experiences available to WA audiences, ranging from the clean lines and natural light of a traditional institution to the carefully constructed false wall that turns a suburban back yard shed into a ‘white cube’ exhibition space.


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