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flux2: new art from Western Australia

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Exhibition dates:
18 September - 2 November 2005

flux2 includes works by six artists from Western Australia, all of whom are in the early stages of their careers.

Bennett Miller Surrender now or Suffer Serious Setbacks (detail) (2005) mixed media

The exhibition covers a wide territory, including:

  • a performance based on Busby Berkeley and Hollywood musicals (Pilar Mata Dupont & Tarryn Gill);
  • photographs of anonymous city locations at night (Ben Sullivan);
  • a game of mini golf that combines model making and Iraq war politics (Bennett Miller);
  • fleshy abstract painting alongside photographs of details of domestic furnishings (Helen Smith); and
  • geo-politics, mapping and information design (Brendan van Hek).

Pilar Matt Dupont & Tarryn Gill From 'The Heart of Gold Project' (2004) performed at the 'Coalesce Micro Festival, Bakery Artrage Arts Centre

The works allude to the history of art, to popular culture, politics, urban spaces and to the intersections of economics and geography, yet remain open ended, never becoming didactic.

The artists are open to a world in which boundaries, of life, art and everything else become fluid, and where change is a constant.


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