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Conversations: 100 artists in the UWA Art Collection

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Exhibition dates:
Part 1: 26 July - 13 September 2009
Part 2: 27 September - 15 November 2009

Controversial (at times), comprehensive (in parts) and rich (in cultural significance) The University of Western Australia Art Collection is one of the state's best art collections.

The exhibition ranges from Ernest Stocks' romantic 1896 view of Perth from the west through to Elise Blumann's direct and confronting Summer Nude from 1939, from controversial paintings by Sidney Nolan from the early 1950s and on to a recently acquired 2007 painting by Imants Tillers, which is a mediation on extinction and time's passing.

Presented in two parts, this selection of works by 100 artists, spanning more than a century, and including many of Australia's and Western Australia's best known artists, provides a broad overview of Australian art in the 20th and 21st centuries.

The works, and artists, are displayed in dialogue with one another, jumping across periods to make connections, engage in arguments and draw rich parallels. From iconic post war paintings to the unusual and eclectic and on to newer, innovative works, they tell compelling stories of Australia, Australian art and this great collection as it goes forward.


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