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The Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery produces and presents exhibitions of Australian and international art as well as important national touring exhibitions. The exhibition program explores a dynamic and diverse spectrum of visual arts practice.

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Current exhibitions

Photograph of David Mowaljarlai

Mowaljarlai Vision and Voice
Legacy of a Bush Professor

23 April - 17 September 2016
Honouring the life and legacy of lawman, philosopher, artist, activist, storyteller, bush professor, and statesman, David Mowaljarlai.

Presented by the Berndt Museum

Ngarinyin Lawman Bungal (David) Mowaljarlai, OAM (c.1925-1997) was an artist, philosopher and distinguished advocate for the land rights and culture of the Kimberley Wandjina peoples. Through personality and force of will he guided his people through complex colonial relationships and the momentous changes imposed upon them, including re-settlement hundreds of kilometres away from their Country to Mowanjum, near Derby, in the 1950s.

Through images and sound, the exhibition will introduce audiences to Mowaljarlai?s gift to the world - his extraordinary commitment to communicate with the younger generation and cross-culturally through working partnerships, complex knowledge systems imbued with wisdom, transmitted through eons past, into the future. Visitors will experience a selection of Mowaljarlai?s paintings, drawings and sketches. Along with personal photographs and audio-visual footage in which he features, this will provide an insight into his influence and extensive cultural reach.

Image: Photograph of David Mowaljarlai, Mowaljarlai Archive, the Berndt Museum. Photographer unknown.

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Artist construction of room


30 April - 16 July 2016
A firsthand look at being young and Muslim in modern Australia.

Presenting nine contemporary artists whose otherwise diverse work is tied together by their experiences of being young and Muslim in Australia. The featured artists are (almost) all members of ‘Generation Y’, growing up or migrating to Australia in the 1990s and early 2000s, and their work reflects lives spent living with and challenging a ‘post-9/11’ construction of Muslim identity.

Abdul Abdullah’s photography and Fatima Mawas’s short films starkly confront the contradictions that continue to emerge from anti-Muslim sentiments in Australia. Nadia Faragaab and Idil Abdullahi express notions of ‘Somaliness’ through domestic objects representing romantic yearnings for Somalia. Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Zahrah Habibullah and Rubaba Haider recollect delicate objects evoking childhood memories and familiar surroundings. Suzi Elhafez deconstructs concepts of Islamic ornamentation and cosmology through the senses, while Marziya Mohammedali exposes the ongoing plight of asylum seekers in Australia’s detention centres.

HERE&NOW is a series of annual exhibitions at LWAG that are led by emerging curators and showcase the outstanding work of contemporary Western Australian artists.

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Still of the video work titled Observance by Julie Gough

Julie Gough: Collisions

30 April - 16 July 2016

Exploring contact and colonisation with the Cruthers Collection of Women?s Art.

Julie Gough is an acclaimed artist, writer and curator who has participated in over 120 exhibitions since 1994. Collisions features works by Gough that examine points of contact between Australian Indigenous heritage and colonial history, often drawing from her own and her family?s experiences as Tasmanian Aboriginal people.

The central focus of the exhibition will be a video work, Observance. Filmed over three trips to her traditional country on Tasmania?s North East Coast, the work documents her experience in the landscape. During her trips she is interrupted by groups of tourists whom she dubs `the descendants of the colonists? due to their pursuit of a pristine landscape experience `ideally free of people? and historical baggage. The haunting video will be juxtaposed with sculptures and prints that describe other cross-cultural encounters ? less cultural exchanges than collisions.

Featured works:
(Top) Julie Gough, Observance (video still) - gunpowder, 2011-12, HDMI video projection 9:16, colour, sounds, 17:09 mins, CCWA 920.
(Bottom) Julie Gough, Observance (video still) - teeburickar, 2011-12, HDMI video projection 9:16, colour, sounds, 17:09 mins, CCWA 920.

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In accompaniment to the current exhibitions, the Gallery hosts a range of events for the public, many of which are free to attend. For more information, visit the events page.