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Boomerang ? A National Symbol

Two boomerangs made from wood with natural pigments, displayed to mirror one another in length


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Presented by the Berndt Museum of Antropology

Australia as a nation is recognised around the world by symbols of Aboriginal culture.

In this exhibition, the Berndt Museum explores the idea of the boomerang - beyond a symbol of 'Australia' - to highlight its many uses and meanings. The exhibition asks audiences: 'How much do you know about boomerangs?'

Exhibition runs

8 February - 21 March 2020 | Re-opening 29 August – 5 December 2020

Exhibition catalogue

Boomerang Gatefold [PDF, 1.4 MB]
Updated 6 Feb 2020

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Media release

Boomerang_Release [PDF, 441.9 KB]
Updated 14 Feb 2020

Image: (top) Mowanjum, Western Australia. Carved wood with natural pigments. Gift of P. Lucich, Berndt Museum of Anthropology [1976/0517].; (bottom) Western Australia. Carved and incised wood with natural pigments. Gift of O. Mirmikidis, Berndt Museum of Anthropology [2005/0010.


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