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The events listed below were held as part of the program of events presented by the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery during 2016 in collaboration with partners.

Image of artwork by Sandra Hill white apron dark yellow background

Friday Talk: Country and Colony

Remembering Difficult Histories in Public Spaces

Country and Colony presents a range of perspectives on the Australian experience. Drawing from the Cruthers Collection
of Women’s Art, the exhibition weaves together stories of land, body, and industry, to explore histories and the ongoing impact of colonisation.

Join Alison Atkinson-Phillips as she discusses memorials and public artworks that explore the histories of colonisation and Australians’ complex relationships to country.

Campus Partner: Centre for Western Australian History

Image: Thea Costantino, Populate or Perish, 2014, Giclee print, edition 1/3. 84 x 54 cm, CCWA 957, © Courtesy of the artist. Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art. The University of Western Australia


Table cloth on table with a fruit basket

Let's Talk Shop with Blue Lawn Designs

Blue Lawn Designs was set up by husband and wife team, Chris MacDonald and Claire Bradshaw.

Join us to hear Chris discuss how their backgrounds and interests have converged to create a successful screenpinting textile business which continues to shape their lives and interests in ways that are fun and satisfying.

For more information visit the Blue Lawn website. Blue Lawn textiles will also be available to purchase at this event.

Image artwork by Sandra Hill white apron

Music Performance: Creation - The Dorothy Ellen Ransom Prize in Musical Composition

UWA’s thriving community of emerging composers will work closely with mentors Christopher Tonkin and James Ledger to create new and imaginative works for quartet and voice inspired by artworks exhibited in Scratching the Surface: A selection of works from the Janet Holmes à Court Collection.

Campus Partner: UWA School of Music

Image: Sandra Hill, Maid to Order/In Training, 2010, mixed media, 112 x 91.5 cm Janet Holmes à Court Collection. Courtesy of the artist.


Image of LWAG Building

Up Close — Emily Kame Kngwarreye in the Janet Holmes à Court Collection

In the 1990s, Anne Brody curated three international touring exhibitions of Aboriginal art for the Janet Holmes à Court Collection — Utopia-A Picture Story 88 batiks on silk (1990, Ireland and Europe); Contemporary Aboriginal Art. A Selection (1990, USA and Australia); and Stories. A Journey Around Big Things: Eleven Aboriginal Artists (1994, Europe).

All three exhibitions included paintings by Emily Kame Kngwarreye, whose work is strongly represented in the Janet Holmes à Court Collection.

Recently, Darren Jorgensen of the UWA School of Design co-edited Indigenous Archives: The Making and Unmaking of Aboriginal Art (UWAP, 2017), which he says aimed to “deepen our knowledge of where the Aboriginal art movement came from”.

Join Anne Brody and Darren Jorgensen in conversation as they explore Emily Kame Kngwarreye’s beginnings as a member of the Utopia Women’s Batik Group, and her subsequent rise to prominence as an internationally celebrated painter.


Image of two moths jumping up a small wall with a car parked in the background

Talk and Tour Milingimbi: A Living Culture

Led by Dr Vanessa Russ, Associate Director of the Berndt Museum, this tour invites you to look closely at the works on display and discover more about the stories behind the art of Millingimbi Island.

Image: Jananbinal, Yolŋu, Fire Dreaming Myth, natural pigments on bark. RM & CH Berndt Collection, Berndt Museum [Acc.No.1092]


Photo of Robin McClellan

Talking Allowed: Art and Leadership with Robin McClellan

In this talk, Robin McClellan will explore the ways in which art can be utilized as a galvanising tool to provoke thought leadership, by challenging and encouraging discussion whilst also evoking emotional connection to social issues and new ways of being.

Robin McClellan is the Chief Executive Officer of Leadership WA. Prior to this role, Robin was the Director of Minerals Research Initiatives at Curtin University. Before that she was based in Singapore as ExxonMobil Corporation’s Senior Advisor for Asia Pacific Government Relations.

Robin first lived in Perth from 2004 to 2007 when she served as the US Consul General during her 24-year career in the US diplomatic service. Robin was born and educated in the US, has also lived in the UK, Austria, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Singapore as well as Australia.

Talking Allowed is a series of presentations offered by the UWA Institute of Advanced Studies and the UWA Cultural Precinct, where a UWA academic or prominent member of the community gives a short presentation on a topic of current relevance with a lens of arts and culture before inviting the audience to participate in the discussion.

Portrait painting of Janet Holmes à Court

Scratching the Surface: Conversation and Tour

Join Janet Holmes à Court and Alan Dodge in conversation as they take us through the marvellous collection of artworks in Scratching the Surface: A selection of works from the Janet Holmes à Court Collection at LWAG.

Hear the stories that framed this collection and influenced their selection for this exhibition, along with art historical insights about the artists and their works.


Self portrait of A.M.E Bale

WINTERarts Workshop
Paint Yourself

Use modern make-up to create your own self-portraits.

Did you know that many of the earliest pigments used to paint with, were first used to decorate our bodies? Let?s see how we can use modern make-up as a palette and create our own self-portraits. If you can apply a decent foundation, you?re already on your way to painting a great portrait. 

View the portraiture exhibition The Likeness and join us in this two hour workshop to learn some tips and tricks from professional artist Elizabeth Marruffo. All materials provided. Participants will need to bring with them a printed A4 `selfie? photograph. 

Image: A.M.E. Bale, Self Portrait, c. 1906, oil on board, 48 x 34.8 cm, CCWA 752. Cruthers Collection of Women's Art. The University of Western Australia 

Image of woman holding a woven basket red artwork

For Visitors With Visual Impairment
?Can Touch This? Tour

Join us for an innovative touch and audio descriptive tour of ?Kevin Ballantine: Photographs 1986 ? 2001 and HERE&NOW17: New Photography. Audio Description enhances visual art for people who are blind or vision impaired. A trained Audio Describer delivers a verbal description of the visual elements.

This tour will also include various tactile 3D-printed translations of the artworks on display.

Refreshments Provided.

Woman with short blond hair, shadow of cat ears

Friday Talk
The Likeness ? Curator tour and talk

The Likeness is an exhibition drawn from the Cruthers Collection of Women?s Art and curated by Gemma Weston.

It is a partial survey of 100 years of Australian portraiture, reflecting how artists have utilised the genre to explore ideas of self-determination, identity and the changing - or unchanging - role of art in society.

Join Gemma for an in?depth examination of the collection?s take on women?s portraiture, and a close look at key collection works.

Photo Perth Modern School red bricks overlaid with outline of man

Talking Allowed
Visual Influences on Legislation: Culture Jamming the Perth Modern School relocation proposal

Culture Jamming is defined as a movement that mixes politics with graffiti, and satire with paint. Said by some to scramble "... the signal, injects the unexpected, and spurs audiences to think critically and challenge the status quo", this presentation, by Professor Camilla Baasch Andersen, UWA School of Law, and artist Desmond Mah examines a new way for law and visualization to intersect.

Camilla and Desmond will showcase some of the many artistic works produced by artists and children to protest the recent proposal to relocate Perth Modern School to an inner-city high-rise, as well as jamming sites which promote racial equality, and ask the question: Is this controversial way of visually expressing public resistance and opinion effective in influencing legislation? Should it be?

`Talking Allowed? is a new series of presentations offered by the UWA Institute of Advanced Studies and the UWA Cultural Precinct, where a UWA academic will give a short presentation on a topic of current relevance to the arts and culture before inviting the audience to participate in discussion.

Image: Culture jamming at Perth Modern School.

Image of umbrella shade at Cottesloe

For visitors living with Alzheimers
Art and Alzheimers Tour

Join us for an engaging tour of the new photography exhibitions, Kevin Ballantine: Photographs 1986 – 2001 and HERE&NOW17: New Photography, designed to connect participants living with dementia in a shared exploration of art through personal insights, emerging interpretations and memories.

Refreshments provided.

Image: Kevin Ballantine, Cottesloe Beach, 1988, digital print on archival paper © Kevin Ballantine

Book cover with contents dark yellow cover

Book Launch - HERE&NOW17: New Photography

Join us for the book launch of HERE&NOW17: New Photography documenting the artwork exhibited at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.

Curator Chelsea Hopper will be in conversation with Dr Darren Jorgensen (UWA School of Design and Centre for Rock Art Research and Management) discussing the book and the exhibition.

HERE&NOW17: New Photography centres on contemporary Western Australia artists working with, or at the margins of photography; on show until 8 July 2017.

The book includes installation views of the works and essays from Eleanor Ivory Weber, Dan Miller, Tom Penney, Emma Crott and Melinda Ried. The book will be available for purchase at $5

Refreshments will be served.

Image: Book cover of HERE&NOW17: New Photography.

Black and white photo of woman seated reading

Panel Presentation
Contemporary Photography

Contemporary photography spans a huge range of disciplines, from fine art to photojournalism, archival documentation and much more.

Discussing everything from risk-taking in photojournalism, to creative conceptual installations that are studio based, photographers Claire Martin, Graham Miller, Kevin Ballantine, and curator Chelsea Hopper will address current issues in contemporary photography.

Kevin Ballantine, Town Pictures, 1989, digital print on archival paper © Kevin Ballantine

View of two women looking at art

Visual Arts x Mindfulness Tour
Going Slow

Slow your day down by joining us for a different kind of art gallery tour. Much like a mindfulness exercise, where you focus on your breathing, in this tour you allow your mind to settle on selected pieces of contemporary art.

Each viewing will be themed differently and will be followed by an informal discussion.

You can choose to drop-in for one session, or attend all the full 4-week program.

This series is presented by the UWA Health and Wellbeing department in in collaboration with the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery. 

Photo of surgeons at the operating theatre

WAMSS Photographic Exhibition

Experience the art of medicine at this exhibition of photography from the WA Medical Students’ Society. See photographs highlighting important global health and sociocultural issues, taken by UWA medical students who have sought out unique opportunities in far-flung places. 

Hands holding a ceramic vase

Let's Talk Shop
Conversation with Stewart Scambler

Hear Stewart Scambler, one of WA’s leading potters, shed light on his practice from the selection and processing of naturally occurring local clay though to the ring of works in his Palmyra and York kilns.

Stewart’s work will also be available to purchase in store at this event.

Photograph of Jane Lydon in black blazer and curly hair

Talking Allowed Series
"Seeing Allowed?" With Professor Jane Lydon

Over the last two years and with the rise of the citizen photographer, there have been radical changes in how we respond to photographs and images, particularly those that reveal unimaginable suffering. Whether it is a photograph of the lifeless body of Aylan Kurdi washed ashore near the Turkish resort of Bodrum, the images of Dylan Voller spit-hooded and shackled to a restraint chair, or the photograph of the Muslim woman amidst the carnage on Westminster Bridge, images appear to have acquired a new status in their capacity to prompt indignation and action. Which images can we say have changed the course of history? And what makes an image powerful at a particular moment?

In her talk ‘Seeing Allowed?’, Professor Jane Lydon (Wesfarmers Chair of Australian History) will speak to a number of issues that surround images of suffering. While it would seem that in 2017 photographs and images are becoming central to socio-political and ideological tensions, Professor Lydon will explore whether or not real change can be wrought by harrowing images of suffering.

‘Talking Allowed’ is a new series of presentations offered by the UWA Institute of Advanced Studies and the UWA Cultural Precinct, where a UWA academic will give a short presentation on a topic of current relevance to the arts and culture before inviting the audience to participate in discussion. 

Black and white photo of car

Kevin Ballantine
Artist and Curator Talk and Tour

Curator Sally Quin will join Kevin Ballantine in conversation about his works in the new exhibition Kevin Ballantine: Photographs 1986-2001.

Hear Kevin’s views on street photography and his own approach to documenting the changing face of Perth over an extended period, with images that have captured both the banal and spectacularly beautiful.

Image: Kevin Ballantine, Road to Fremantle, 1990, digital print on archival paper © Kevin Ballantine  

Overlapping colour blocks blue red white and black

Artists and Curator: Tour and Talk

Join curator Chelsea Hopper and local artists Dan McCabe and Georgia Kaw as they discuss their works of art and the framing of the exhibition.

Hear about how New Photography seeks an expansion of photography in order to shape new, formerly unimaginable relations between art and the larger cultural sphere.

Image: Dan McCabe, -32.041913, 115.753677 (front), 2017, acrylic sheeting on alubond in custom frames, 87cm x 62cm

Image of two moths jumping up a small wall with a car parked in the background

Exhibitions Opening Night
HERE&NOW17: New Photography + Kevin Ballantine: Photographs 1986 - 2001

Join us for the opening of two new photography exhibitions. HERE&NOW17: New Photography curated by Chelsea Hopper features newly commissioned work from WA-based artists Jacqueline Ball, Scott Burton, Lucy Griggs, Georgia Kaw, Dan McCabe and Lydia Trethewey.

Kevin Ballantine: Photographs 1986 - 2001 curated by Sally Quin is a 15-year survey of Ballantine’s practice, capturing the urban landscapes of Perth and Fremantle.

To be opened by Max Pam, Honorary Lecturer, School of Arts and Humanities, Edith Cowan University. 

Register below to attend. Light refreshments will be served.  

Image: Scott Burton, Innaloo, 2017, digital print on premium art stock

Image of people listening to a speaker

Talking Allowed: The Arts, the Law, and Freedom of Expression (with one eye on that cartoon)

In 2016, Bill Leak's controversial cartoon generated widespread debate about free speech and racism in Australia. Following Leak?s death on March 10, and in light of proposed amendments to Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, those debates have resurfaced and intensifed.

In her talk, `The Arts, the Law, and Freedom of Expression (with one eye on that cartoon)? Jani McCutcheon from the UWA School of Law will speak to a number of ethical and legal issues that underpin the complex relationship between the arts, the law, and freedom of expression.

Image of child drawing

Family Art Workshop: Stories Of Adornment

Cate Hayes is an artist, illustrator and author of literary fiction and stories for children. Join her for a family-friendly session of fascinating and fun-filled art activities to create jewellery, write a story of magic, and contribute to decorating a community robot.

Registrations aren?t required, but as workshop spaces are limited to 20 at any one time you may need to wait for others to finish.  

Two people looking closely at art

Going Slow - Slow Art Day

Take a more contemplative approach to art by joining us for a gallery tour with a difference. Much like a mindfulness exercise, where you focus on your breathing, in this tour you allow your mind to settle on selected pieces of contemporary art.

Each viewing will be followed by a facilitated discussion of your own subjective observations. 

This event is part of Slow Art Day, celebrated internationally on 8 April.  

People looking at brightly coloured posters

Friday Talk - Women, Feminism and Art in Australia since 1970

Feminism has been one of the most durable political-ethical platforms of the 20th and 21st centuries ? so much so that we speak of first-, second- and third-wave feminism and its impact on society and on academic scholarship throughout the world.

In her illustrated talk, Anne Marsh will look at contemporary art and feminism and give an overview of `the waves? and the political and theoretical issues that have compelled artists and writers in the field.

Anne Marsh is a Professorial Research Fellow at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. This is part of her new ARC Discovery project that involves various publications. Whilst in Perth, Anne will be conducting workshops with artists to gain their input into the project.

Image: Kelly Doley, Things Learnt About Feminism #1 - #95 (detail). 2014. Ink pen on 220gm fluorescent card. 60 x 52cm (95 pieces). CCWA 956. Cruthers Collection of Women's Art, The University of Western Australia. ? Courtesy the artist. 

Photo of Nick Jose

Nicholas Jose: Reflections on Contemporary Chinese Art

In this talk Nicholas Jose reflects on the transformation of art in China across the last 30 years. In parallel with the political and social changes that saw China become a global economic powerhouse, a new kind of art emerged, mixing self-reflection, celebration and critique.

The conversation explores this phenomenon from the perspective of someone who was closely involved from the beginning, including through the key year, 1989.

Image: Yang Zhichao, Chinese Bible (detail), 2009, 3000 found books, installation dimensions variable, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Gift of Gene and Brian Sherman 2015. Donated through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program, ? Yang Zhichao, Photo: Jenni Carter, AGNSW


Audio description of art

For visitors with visual impairment: Audio Description and Tactile Tour

Join us for the Audio Described Tour of Helen Britton: Interstices. Audio Description enhances visual art for people who are blind or vision impaired.

A trained Audio Describer delivers a verbal description of the visual elements. This tour will also include some test-case tactile 3D printed translations of the artworks on display.

Community Partner: DADAA and UWA Maker Lab.

Jewellery by Donna Gahagan

Let's Talk Shop - Conversation with Donna Gahan, Jeweller

Inspired daily by the beauty of her local bushland, Perth jeweller Donna Gahan has a strong interest in the effect of architecture on the human psyche, and the relationship between the natural and built environment.

Another recurring theme in her work is the many layers of our emotions and our lives, and how to explore and understand these to create balance and harmony for ourselves and others.

Join us to hear how Donna goes through the process of creating her stunning jewellery, some of which will be available to purchase.