Mixed Reality performance

Featuring Sarah Pollard and Liam Hubbard

DADAA x LWAG Mixed Reality art performance

In this performative virtual reality drawing session, Sarah and Liam will each don a virtual reality headset, drawing in an virtual environment with their canvases projected for the audience. Following each set, guests will be able to immerse themselves in the virtual environment as well.

This event brings DADAA's Mixed Reality project to the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery as part of the UWA’s Inclusive Arts Week.

Sarah Pollard is a young emerging West Australian artist whose practice sees her exploring digital comic style animation and drawing. Sarah joined DADAA in 2016 where she developed her comic book characters ‘George and Travis’. In 2017 Sarah joined the Mixed Reality project where she will continue to develop digital work from her home in Southern Cross. 

Liam Hubbard is a 2016 NEXUS grant recipient, working with animation, music, and coming up with digital comic book features. Liam creates characters on paper before transferring them digitally to create animations. Currently, Liam is also interested in experimenting with 3D and virtual reality.

DADAA is a not-for-profit community arts and cultural development (CACD) organisation, focusing on creating significant positive social change and opportunities for people with a disability or a mental illness.