Elizabeth Bills, Tactile Tour, installation art

Commissioned for the inaugural Inclusive Arts Week.

Four sculptures inside four plinths

Commissioned for the inaugural Inclusive Arts Week, Tactile Tour consists of four sculptures inside four plinths which can only be accessed by touch during a guided visit. Influenced by Willem Boshoff’s Blind Alphabet, the artist manipulates the privileged environment of the art gallery. Traditionally tactile tours provide access to cultural participation for visitors with low vision or blindness.

In Tactile Tour all viewers must be led by a guide in order to access the work. The guide leads the viewer from plinth to plinth, reading each Braille didactic aloud, reaching inside the plinth to touch the sculptures and provide a verbal description. Elizabeth would like to thank Grace King for her role as the tour guide.

Artwork: Mark Wahlsten & Elizabeth Bills, Universal Symbol of Loneliness, 2017, 3D printed pages bound with rings. Courtesy the artist and Neil Francis Photography ©Neil Francis Photography 2017