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Dr Harold Schenberg Study Centre

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The Dr Harold Schenberg Study Centre is an educational facility within the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.

The Study Centre is available for use by UWA academic staff engaged in research, teaching and professional activities related to the University's cultural collections and exhibition program. It is ideal for object-based learning, seminars, lectures and tutorials.

Through the Study Centre academics and students have direct access to artworks and objects from the collections and on display in the gallery. This provides the unique potential for research and teaching across a wide range of areas.


Why make use of the Dr Harold Schenberg Art Centre:

  • To take advantage of a unique and rich resource
  • To closely examine artworks and objects
  • To diversify and supplement teaching
  • To forge links across campus
  • To broaden student interests and perspectives on culture
  • To facilitate students to get to know their gallery

How to incorporate artwork and cultural material into teaching:

Looking at and discussing art is a key way of advancing visual literacy and observation skills that are applicable to a wide range of disciplines.

Artworks can be analysed from different perspectives, according to different criteria – formal, conceptual, social, historical and political.

The University of Western Australia Art Collection, Berndt Museum and Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art traverse a wide range of art forms including digital, painting, drawing, print and sculpture. These artworks and objects express specific times, places, beliefs and values. Possible themes and subject areas that could be addressed through research and teaching include:

  • Colonial histories
  • Local Histories
  • The Australian Landscape
  • Urban versus Outback existence
  • Myths of the Land
  • Australian Identity
  • Gender Identity
  • Aboriginal Art
  • Composition
  • Contemporary Australian Art
  • Colour Theory
  • Modernism
  • The Body

Requesting works from the Collection

  • The number of works available for view in the DHSSC is limited to four or five, relative to scale and ease of access.
  • Four weeks notice is required to allow time to organise movement and display of artworks
  • While we endeavour to make works available, some may be inaccessible, on loan to other galleries, on campus display, or not able to be displayed for other reasons such as fragility.

Requests can be made to Janice Lally, Curator of Academic and Public Programs: