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Dr Janice Lally
Curator, Academic and Public Programs

The Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery produces and presents exhibitions of Australian and international art as well as important national touring exhibitions.

Complementary to the exhibitions at the University's collection, the gallery develops various educational resources.

Education resources

The Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery offers exciting possibilities for developing learning programs for all ages - including exhibition previews for teachers, professional development programs, school visits, tours, lectures, and tailored workshops.

The gallery will offer education kits and professional development workshops for teachers for the following three exhibitions during 2018:

Education kits feature three artworks from the exhibition as inspiration for art projects and can be used in class to either compliment or inform an art program, and are aligned to primary, middle and upper school curriculum outcomes for Visual Arts.


Modern Australian Landscapes:
Education kits will focus on the “difference” in approach and varied “points of view” that were expressed by artists as they explored and represented the Australian landscape during the period 1940-1960s.

The Story of the Gibb River Cattle Station
An education kit for students from K-12 will focus on the stories and characters of the Gibb River Cattle Station.

School tours (K-12)

Visit the exhibitions of the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery and the Berndt Museum and learn first hand how artworks and objects can broaden our understanding of the world around us.

Gallery staff can provide an introduction to the gallery experience and take student groups on tours of current exhibitions.

Tours of our exhibitions provide:

  • Opportunities to identify elements of the visual arts and relate them to your own experience
  • Skills for analysing and evaluating the visual arts in relation to history, society and culture

  • Understanding of artistic process and 
through the exploration of various media and techniques of art-making

For more information contact Dr Janice Lally, Curator, Academic and Public Programs.

University programs

The Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Berndt Museum and Cruther’s Collection of Women’s Art offer exciting possibilities for learning and education. People of all ages have the opportunity to engage with original works of art from historical and contemporary eras.


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